Driver Safety For Young Drivers

July 13, 2017 at 12:48 PM
Driver Safety For Young Drivers

Automobile safety is always an important topic. Whether it’s being intentional about driving according to the speed limit or being extra alert when changing lanes, there are obvious ways to adhere to a safe driving experience. However, young drivers often find themselves in dangerous driving situations due to either a lack of experience and knowledge or from peer pressure and the temptation to go beyond regular driving practices. With the help of technology, though, parents can monitor their teen’s habits and possibly prevent accident, injury, and even death. Here are some of the ways that parents can be more involved in their teenager’s driving habits.

Speed: Many automobile companies offer ways for parents of teen drivers to check in on how fast their teens are actually driving. Chevrolet offers a system that allows parents to place a restriction on how fast the teen driver can go before it starts recording instances where the driver exceeds the speed limit. Ford allows parents of teen drivers to actually set speeds that the driver will not be able to exceed. For instance, the parents of a teen can set the car to not exceed 70 mph. These settings can help parents not only learn and monitor their teenager’s behavior, but it can also change their behavior.

Performance control: Although most teens do try their best to drive safely, sometimes extra help does not hurt. There are often ways for parents to set up features that help their teens with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, seat belt reminders, and others.

Volume control: Loud music can be a huge distractor for young drivers. In many vehicles, there are now ways to limit the volumes and content of the entertainment system. While music is perfectly fine to listen to while driving, it should not become a source of distracted or dangerous driving.

Tech Distractions: With the rise in technology, many teens are tempted to text while driving or fidget with their electronic devices. Parents can help prevent distracted driving by linking as much as possible through the dashboard of the car. Music, phone contacts, GPS maps, and more can now be synched to the front dashboard of most new vehicles. Although this does not eliminate distractions entirely, it certainly minimizes risks.

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