THANK YOU WESTFIELD AGENTS! Celebrating 175 years together.

Allison Shepherd February 08, 2023 at 09:36 AM
THANK YOU WESTFIELD AGENTS! Celebrating 175 years together.


Proud of our past. Poised for our future. 

Today is an extraordinary day for Westfield as we celebrate our 175th anniversary! And with our shared history and continued commitment to the future, we are honored to recognize the important role of our agents and brokers in our enduring legacy. 


Since 1848, our company has grown and prospered. We’ve also weathered trying times including wars, depressions, recessions, and global pandemics. Through it all, together with you, we've been steadfast in making good on the promises we make to our customers.


Independent Agencies + Westfield

Since the beginning, agents have been an important part of the Westfield story - accomplishing great things for generations. And now, we’re writing the next chapter in our history. 


­­­­­­Forever forward. Here’s to the next 175 years!

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