It’s Spring and Trees Can Fall…

April 14, 2016 at 10:15 AM
It’s Spring and Trees Can Fall…

As seasons change, many people are faced with unexpected disasters that arise from severe weather. If a tree were to fall on your home or vehicle, THW Insurance wants to make sure that you know how you are protected.

Although changing seasons can certainly be beautiful, there are extra precautions to take when preparing for the changes in weather. As spring blooms, there is often an increase in rainfall, and potentially other severe weather—such as tornadoes. This change in environment can potentially wreak havoc on your personal assets, such as a home or your vehicles. If disaster were to strike, do you know what your insurance plan would cover? It is important to know exactly what is covered in an emergency situation before you are ever faced with a disaster.

Most basic homeowner insurance policies provide protection  if a tree were to fall on your home or vehicle due to severe weather. As long as the tree is alive and well maintained, your property will most likely be covered by your insurance company. However, you may be held liable if the tree was dead or not maintained. Furthermore, if you fail to maintain a tree on your property and it falls onto your neighbor’s property, you will more than likely be held liable.

As each season of the year brings new sets of precautions, it is advised to always stay proactive about maintaining your trees to ensure that if a disaster strikes, you will be protected to the fullest extent.  A suggestion to ensure your trees are properly maintained is to begin by inspecting all of your trees on a consistent basis. Upon investigation, you may then discern the best steps to take for the current condition of your trees. You may decide to prune dead branches or mulch your landscape. Major maintenance projects may be dangerous if you try to do it all yourself, so it may be best to hire an arborist to aid in your tree maintenance needs.

Ultimately, it is best to protect yourself and ensure your coverage by staying ahead of basic maintenance of your trees and plants. Your foresight and decision to be proactive will pay off if a tree were to fall on top of your home or car. If you are in need of home or auto insurance, or would like more information on policies, contact THW Insurance today!

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