Summer Pool Safety Tips

June 20, 2018 at 12:06 PM
Summer Pool Safety Tips

Summer Pool Safety Tips

Warmer weather brings some of our favorite summertime activities, like swimming in an outdoor pool. It is important to remain safe while enjoying your outdoor pool with friends and family. The following tips and reminders will ensure that you continue to have a fun and carefree summer!

If you are a homeowner with an outdoor pool, it is critical that you follow the proper precautions to ensure that is a safe, secure environment for all to enjoy. According to the American Red Cross, over 200 young children drown in backyard pools each year. It is our responsibility to decrease this devastating statistic by following these simple swimming pool safety tips.

  • If you are installing or have already installed a swimming pool in your yard, one of the best safety features to include is a surrounding fence with a self-locking gate to ensure that young kids do not swim without proper supervision. No one should swim alone. There is equipment that you can install to audibly alert you if someone enters the pool area or falls into an unattended pool.
  • Make sure to post signs to remind swimmers that diving into the pool is only permitted in areas that are deep enough. Diving into shallow water is extremely dangerous even for an advanced swimmer and must be discouraged. Any water depth less than eight feet is not suitable for head first diving.
  • Create a space at your pool area with the following life-saving equipment: life preservers, a rope with a life-saving rings, a reaching pole or rescue hook, and a sign reminding the steps of giving CPR. It will give you peace of mind to know that this safety equipment is readily available in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure you consistently preform regular maintenance to your pool area. Remember to store pool chemicals away from the pool area and follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions. Also, check the pool liner for any rips or tears because this could indicate that pipes have penetrated and needs repair. If you have an above ground pool, inspect the metal supports for deterioration or rust because this could lead to the pool rupturing causing injuries to people in and outside of the pool.

As always, remember that with the proper precautions and safety parameters, an outdoor pool is a great place to enjoy the summer sun with family and friends! THW Insurance agents are available to answer any questions you may have about your home insurance coverage.

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