Winter Dangers And How We Can Help

February 26, 2017 at 13:09 PM
Winter Dangers And How We Can Help

Winter is a beautiful time of year but it can also be a dangerous season since winter weather can cause devastating damage. As a business, it is smart for you to know the risks that these winter months bring so that you can know how to prepare. Although there are tons of risks in cold weather, there are a few risks in particular that come to mind first when thinking about blizzards, snow storms, ice, and sleet. These risks include pipe bursts and also slips and falls. Each of these two dangers is outlined below, along with the solution for coverage that we advise.

Pipe bursts: As winter weather causes water to freeze, your pipes are at an increased risk of freezing. Pipe bursts tend to occur most often in the winter when there may be a couple of days without activity—perhaps during school breaks or slower times at the office. It is estimated that the most damage is done from pipe bursts—it is the most frequent and the most expensive.  For cold weather claims, this one leans on the costly side with claims averaging more than $18,000 in damage. Ways to avoid pipes bursting includes ensuring adequate heat and also monitoring facilities. We can help you make sure you are as prepared as you can be as winter weather continues.

Slips and falls: This risk can be very costly and is the reason for thousands of workers’ compensation or third party liability claims each year. Whether a slip and fall involves one of your employees or someone simply visiting your property legally, your company can be held liable for these accidents. The risk of accidents increases drastically in the winter. Your company can prepare for increased risk by treating exterior areas and then monitoring these areas frequently. The best areas to treat are areas with heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Another key way to prepare for winter weather is to have extra lighting during the colder months. Winter brings shorter daylight hours and therefore can leave dimly lit areas as a risk for people walking.  Be sure to keep all areas well-lit to ensure a safe environment.

Winter brings extra risks, but it doesn’t need to cause extra stress. We can help keep your mind at ease and find the best strategy to protect your business.

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