Grilling Safety Tips

July 27, 2018 at 14:05 PM
Grilling Safety Tips

The warm weather is a great time to take your cooking outdoors and fire up the grill! One of Summer’s simple pleasures is inviting friends and family over for a cookout in your backyard during a warm summer evening. Unfortunately, nearly 9,000 home fires that occur in a year are due to outdoor grills according to the National Fire Protection Association. Gas-fueled grills were the cause of four out of five home fires involving outdoor grills as opposed to charcoal grills. Keep the following in mind next time your fire up the grill to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.


First and foremost, think about the location of your outdoor grill. Make sure that your grill is not too close to your home, especially if your house has combustible siding. The grill needs to be on a level surface and at least ten feet away from your house, your garage, or other outdoor structures. Also, do not place grill under any kind of overhang or too close to wooden deck rails that can easily catch fire. Remember to not grill anywhere that does not have good ventilation like a garage or an enclosed space because this can lead to carbon monoxide buildup.


If you are using a gas grill, remember to never turn the gas on with the lid closed because this could cause lid to blow off because of previous gas built up inside. If you are a person who prefers using charcoal to grill, remember to not rely on combustible liquid to get the fire started; this is an easy way to start a flash fire. After you have grilled, it is so important to clean your grill to prevent accidents in the future. It is imperative to remove fat buildup and grease from your grilling grates each time you use your grill. Of course, you can do this easily with a grill brush, but it is also important to remember to clean the bottom trays of your grill as well.


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